1940 Chris Craft Barrelback Replica

All my life I have admired classic wood boats. One winter I decided to build one for myself.  When people see the boat, often they ask what year it was built? And they are surprised by my answer: "I built it myself".

The next question I usually get is "how long did it take to build?" 
600 hours or over the course of 6 months.



Many times I will find something really cool but it is expensive. So I decide to make it. Some things are best left to the professionals but when I saw some of these little campers online I just had to make one. After all, I figured after making a boat this would be a little easier; at least it doesn't need an engine.

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The camper is equipped with a full-size bed, stainless steel bar counter, electrical outlets and a small A/C unit. 



This 14 foot Sunfish style sailboat was built by my son Charlie and I. He first got the idea from sailing a friend's Sunfish. 

The boat is constructed of mahogany with a layer of fiberglass on the underside. The top features the maple and mahogany stripe pattern used on the Chris Craft Replica. The rudder, daggerboard, and spars are also handmade mahogany. 

Charlie and I enjoy sailing this boat on Lake Michigan in the summer. 

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