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About Ordering 

I welcome clients to bring me photographs, sketches, or even just the idea of what they want. I can reproduce practically any piece of furniture. I always start at my drafting table and create a drawing; making sure details and dimensions are in line with what my customer wants.

Your average woodworker does built-ins and kitchen cabinets. I prefer the smaller, more challenging projects that are more difficult to pull off. Many of my clients collect antiques. Over the years I have reproduced many pieces that have become heirlooms and are handed down from one family to the next. I love what I do–and it's really an honor to create something that will remain in a family for generations.

I have specialized in the New York City, Connecticut, Long Island, and New Jersey area for the past 20 years, and cater to several AD-100 listed designers as well as the general public. I guarantee a personal relationship with each of my clients.

Please direct requests to  or  269.873.0160 (weekdays 9-4)