My Story

Growing up, I spent endless hours in my father's shop in our garage. I'd experiment with different tools and build things with various types of wood. When I was a high school freshman, my brother warned me to not take shop class because the teacher was really tough on his students. I didn't listen. That was the best decision I could've made. 

After high school I studied woodworking and drafting at Western Michigan University and earned my engineering degree. After teaching woodshop for a decade, I made the decision to build furniture full-time. I have specialized in working with America's top decorators and designers for the past 15 years with the privilege of building custom furniture that is challenging, beautiful, and timeless. 

Everyday I look forward to working in my shop on a variety  of projects. Many people have told me that I have one of best occupations in the world, probably because I am surrounded by tools, machines, and materials.  It is an atmosphere of creativity and craftsmanship that seems to be rare in our modern culture. It enables me to create unique furniture designs for my clients who are always greeted by me personally when they call. 

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Joe was featured in a recent Dremel advertisement.